Economic Mobility, The American Dream and Biggest Mistake


This post is a reflection and addition to the Medium post Q&A with Dr. James Heckman, Archbridge Insitute. I recommend reading the Q&A first for context. I recognize it was a few Q&A questions (small sample size) addressing a broad and complex topic so I don’t want to overly attach or infer Dr. Heckman’s assertions as I’m sure he would agree it is far more nuanced an issue for anyone...

It’s Time to Build by Marc Andreessen


“IT’S TIME TO BUILD” by Marc Andreessen | Andreessen Horowitz |  April 18, 2020   Every Western institution was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, despite many prior warnings. This monumental failure of institutional effectiveness will reverberate for the rest of the decade, but it’s not too early to ask why, and what we need to do about it.   Read his Full Column on a16z...

Catch-22 of Covid-19


A friend of mine posted this photo on his Facebook wall. He stated this is the percentage of the US population who have been confirmed with the coronavirus which is why he isn’t scared and everyone is way over reacting. It’s nothing worse than the seasonal flu he claims and many people agreed with him. This represents the Catch-22 of the alternative realities we live in and, in the...