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Economic Mobility, The American Dream and Biggest Mistake


This post is a reflection and addition to the Medium post Q&A with Dr. James Heckman, Archbridge Insitute. I recommend reading the Q&A first for context. I recognize it was a few Q&A questions (small sample size) addressing a broad and complex topic so I don’t want to overly attach or infer Dr. Heckman’s assertions as I’m sure he would agree it is far more nuanced an issue for anyone...

It’s Time to Build by Marc Andreessen


“IT’S TIME TO BUILD” by Marc Andreessen | Andreessen Horowitz |  April 18, 2020   Every Western institution was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, despite many prior warnings. This monumental failure of institutional effectiveness will reverberate for the rest of the decade, but it’s not too early to ask why, and what we need to do about it.   Read his Full Column on a16z...

Adversity Doesn’t Build Character. It Reveals Character.


Thank you to Scott Kitun and WGN for the opportunity to join and discuss what it’s like trying to lead through the COVID-19 pandemic. Technori’s Scott Kitun is joined with CEO and founder Centro Inc, Shawn Riegsecker. Listen in as the two of them talk about how now really shows a companies true morals when it comes to both … Source: Shawn Riegsecker: “It is often said that adversity builds...

Response to “Evidence Over Hysteria” by Aaron Ginn


Today I received a post written by Aaron Ginn titled “Evidence Over Hysteria – COVID-19” from friends who are using it to believe we are overreacting and they don’t believe the threat is nothing worse than the seasonal flu. I’ve also seen it posted a few times on Facebook from others. (Note: I wrote this quickly so please forgive its disjointed nature and lack of...

Catch-22 of Covid-19


A friend of mine posted this photo on his Facebook wall. He stated this is the percentage of the US population who have been confirmed with the coronavirus which is why he isn’t scared and everyone is way over reacting. It’s nothing worse than the seasonal flu he claims and many people agreed with him. This represents the Catch-22 of the alternative realities we live in and, in the...

Children’s Entertainment Reflections


Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Won’t You Be My Neighbor. It is a wonderful biopic on the life of Fred “Mr.” Rogers. Today, I was rereading one of the best books I’ve ever read called You’ll See It When You Believe It by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Although the book is filled with a ton of wisdom, depth and insight (and I highly recommend everyone read it), one of...

Benefits of a Workcation


View from Gateway Canyons Resort (Gateway, CO) As someone who has lived most of his adult years as a bachelor, I’ve enjoyed the freedom and solitude a life apart from a significant other has offered me. Most years I would take three to four week long vacations alone. And, I probably spent at least 15-20 weekends alone doing whatever I felt like: working, reading, studying, resting, playing...

12 years. 12 lessons.


Email to company on October 15, 2013. Welcome to the anniversary of my favorite red letter date in history, October 15th, 2001. The day Centro was incorporated and officially become a company. I called it “Intégrent” back then. What a dumb name that was. No one could pronounce it correctly. I wanted a name that was both tech sounding and something I could emotionally get behind. I wanted to build...

The Corporate Manifesto


The Corporate Manifesto, written in late 2001, represents the mindset, values and cultural foundation Centro was built on. Starting a company is always a risk and there exists a higher probability of failure than success. Whether we ultimately succeed, or fail, what was most important was building a company “the right way” and when we look back on what we built and accomplished, we will be proud...