12 Things Happy People Do Differently

When I wrote The Corporate Manifesto, I started with the concept that, fundamentally, a great goal for us is to live a life of pure happiness. As close to all the time as we can.

Frankly, I wasn’t all that “happy” of a child growing up. My memory is that life was pretty hard for me for various reasons – as I’m sure it was for many of us. I remember indexing high on many feelings including scared, weak, small, unpopular, slow, etc.,…I could go on. Hence, I don’t think the feeling of happiness is something that is natural in all of us. I don’t remember happiness and joy as a natural state of being for me growing up.

But I also remember, as I got older, wanting to live a life full of happiness and joy. And I remember needing to consciously work on being happy. Changing my thought patterns. Changing the actual thoughts in my mind. Doing things that brought happiness versus negativity to me. One example was consciously removing people in my life who were negative, wasted my time, engaged in wrongful activities, were full of drama, etc.

I came across this post today I felt compelled to share. Happiness is a state we can all attain, and it’s a wonderful place to be, it just requires a lot of effort; effort that is broken down into small improvements over a long period of time. Always start small.

For anyone who desires to be grouchy, cynical, or unhappy…this blog post isn’t for you. For the rest of you, enjoy…

12 Things Happy People Do Differently by Marc Chernoff


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