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Google Launching Andromeda OS and Laptop/Tablet

News today that Google is launching a new OS called Andromeda as well as a new Laptop/Tablet in the vein of Microsoft Surface.

Based on my earlier post on how Microsoft is poised to win the mobile wars, this is the right move and announcement for Google.

It’s fairly obvious Google is the third player behind Microsoft and Apple as it relates to being able to deliver a productive experience when your phone is the only device in your life. Their OS is many years behind Windows and macOS. And, as we move to a single device, without a mobile-to-large-screen OS, Google’s Android market share lead will start to erode.

This is an important announcement and I’ll be interested to see how well they execute in this strategy. I can’t imagine the size of the engineering team Google has dedicated to this war at the moment.

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The Benefits of a “Workcation”

Canyone Image II.jpg
As someone who has lived most of his adult years as a bachelor, I’ve enjoyed the freedom and solitude a life apart from a significant other has offered me.

Most years I would take three to four week long vacations alone. And, I probably spent at least 15-20 weekends alone doing whatever I felt like: working, reading, studying, resting, playing guitar or just sitting on a rock thinking.

However, as much as the life of a bachelor is wonderful and fantastic, inevitably someone special comes along and captures your heart and your attention. You find a best friend who you love being with, who (shockingly) loves being with you, and you have a new playmate in life to do many of the things you used to do alone with someone. This brings with it the richness of joy, companionship and togetherness you didn’t have spending most of your time alone.

The flipside of a relationship, however, is...

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How Microsoft Will Win with the Surface Phone

There’s no question Microsoft executed it’s mobile strategy poorly over the last 15 years and has ceded an unconscionable amount of market share to Apple and Google.

However, the current Windows Phone, in all respects is the best mobile OS, and has the most intuitive, and pleasurable, UX/UI experience. I’ve owned iPhones and Android devices over the years and neither have come close to matching the user enjoyment I receive with my current MSFT phone. Granted, I still don’t have a Snapchat app that allows me to keep up with what’s going on with my girlfriend but, other than this, everything I need to operate and function in life is available to me.

However, I believe Microsoft is thinking clearly and making all the right moves to begin to take market share, and possibly, put themselves in a position to lead the market over the next decade. Here’s why:

The phone is a relatively...

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Proof that Positive Work Cultures are More Productive

Great column from HBR from end of 2015 about the value of creating happiness in employees. Everything from higher engagement, better products and increased retention of team members.

In building Centro, I’ve found that finding great teammates is the first step to success and keeping them with you, as well as keeping them happy and engaged, is the more important second step. Ensuring that your products and your customers have consistency over the long-term is invaluable as you work on building a sustainable brand and reputation.

Here’s the link:
Proof that Positive Work Cultures are More Productive

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12 Things Happy People Do Differently

When I wrote The Corporate Manifesto, I started with the concept that, fundamentally, a great goal for us is to live a life of pure happiness. As close to all the time as we can.

Frankly, I wasn’t all that “happy” of a child growing up. My memory is that life was pretty hard for me for various reasons – as I’m sure it was for many of us. I remember indexing high on many feelings including scared, weak, small, unpopular, slow, etc.,…I could go on. Hence, I don’t think the feeling of happiness is something that is natural in all of us. I don’t remember happiness and joy as a natural state of being for me growing up.

But I also remember, as I got older, wanting to live a life full of happiness and joy. And I remember needing to consciously work on being happy. Changing my thought patterns. Changing the actual thoughts in my mind. Doing things that brought happiness versus...

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Reflections on 12 Years of Centro

From an email I wrote to all Centro employees on October, 15th, 2013. The anniversary of our 12th year in business.

Gentle Readers,

Good morning and welcome to the anniversary of my favorite red letter date in history, October 15th, 2001. The day “Centro” was incorporated and officially become a company. I called it “Intégrent” back then. And boy, what a dumb name that was. No one could pronounce it correctly. I chose it though because I was looking for a “tech” sounding name. A friend of mine typed the word “integrity” into a French translation dictionary and the word “intégrent” came up. Sounded techie. And I could get the URL. Never mind that I’m not French and had never been to France.

But that’s how it started. And it’s been 12 years. So, first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Centro! If you had told me 12 years ago that I’d still have a company, that we’d have achieved the size...

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